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Click on each image to find out more about the piece.  Email to inquire. 

Blue Fire
Another Perspective
Be Still my Hearts
Bohemian Muse
Hibiscus Dream (SOLD)
Hanging by a Thread
In My Woods
Pink Dream
Life on Mars
The Muse with Flowers
Garden Party
Bluebird (SOLD)
In the Midst
Penny Lane
Three Birds
Barely There
As it Ever Was
Quad Queens
The Fates (SOLD)
What a Gal
An Allegory
Queen of Hearts (SOLD)
Not Far From the Tree
Lost in Thought
Bass player
Truth (Pending sale)
Daydream Believer
The Fates: The Fabric
Birds of Paradise
A Moment of Fury
Lit from Within
A Pensive Pause
A Path Taken (SOLD)
The Fates: Choices
Star Gazer
Guided Tour
Studying the Light v#2
Washing Hair
Like A Crown
Color of Darkness (SOLD)
The Flowered Shirt
Bridges as a Promise
The colors of Change
The Fates: Loving the Figure
Metro Ride
Reflections in a floral dress
Unbound (SOLD)
Fates of Change
Light Moves
Portrait of a Nation
The Eyes Have It sm
Portrait of a Parade (SOLD)
Nudes in White Garden (SOLD)
Crowded (SOLD)
Dream Room (SOLD)
Learning to Fly
Blue Flowered Blouse
To Justify
City of Angels
Landscape of Thoughts
White Satin (SOLD)
The Reader
Light of Her Smile (SOLD)
Loving Lukas (SOLD)
Its Not All Black and White
Regal Coronet (SOLD)
The Story Teller
Brave (Her Story)
A Study of Light (SOLD)
Rounding the Bend (SOLD)
Arctic Antarctic
As She Was
Pas De Deux
Family Tree (SOLD)
Something about you (prints only))
Portrait of a Horse Race
Sisters on the Red Sofa (SOLD)
Force of Nature
Portrait of Compasion (SOLD)
Mirrored Glasses
Portrait of a Secret
Dont Pass Me By
Matsuri Chan (SOLD)
Rain (SOLD)
Mindful Solitude (SOLD)
Justification (SOLD)
Two Sisters (SOLD)
Orange Hat
Early Dinner
Summer Breeze
Abbey Road
Walnut Street Stories (SOLD)
The Boys (SOLD)
Joy (SOLD)
Lady of the Lake, Elaine (SOLD)
Flamingo Road (SOLD)
Gaper Delay
Shelley and kids (SOLD)
Guitar Gently Weeps
The Audience
Jules at the Pool
The Tube
Sanibell Shelling (SOLD)
In The Wings (SOLD)
Ballerinas Pride
Self (SOLD)
Blue Decending Bath(SOLD)
The Gymnast (SOLD)
The Swimmer (SOLD)
At the Airport
Creme Brulee
Genevieve's Kitchen
Lady in a Green Jacket
Fourteen (SOLD)
Girl in White Dress
At the Beach
Farm Show Horse Race
Red Hat Ladies
Jazz Fest (SOLD)
Emmy (SOLD)
Two Figures (SOLD)
Conversations in Prague
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